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PMP Exam Prep Handbook is designed for professionals who are planning to write PMP exam in next three to six months.

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Are you planning to take PMP Exam in next three to six months?

Every year thousands of people take the PMP exam but only around 40% to 50% pass on their first try. Compared to other certifications like SAT, GMAT – PMP exam questions are extremely ambiguous, confusing and subjective which requires a much deeper understanding of the content. Most exam takers are only 60% to 70% sure about the answers on the actual test. This makes these questions much tougher and requires high-quality preparation material to prepare for the exam.

In addition to the uncertain nature, the official resources for exam preparation are not particularly written to make it easy for learning. Most test-takers can’t study 900+ pages of PMBOK© even once. PMBOK© is an excellent reference book but this book isn’t designed for exam preparation. The chapters are very wordy, each has numerous case-studies, trends, details about emerging methodologies and quite a bit of reference material that is not needed for the exam preparation. The key definitions and terms are spread-out throughout which make it challenging to do a quick review. The other popular preparation books are 500+ pages which are too bulky for a quick review!

Here’s a quote from Stanley found in a forum for PMP preparation - 
Today, I took the PMP exam and failed. I'm in shock. I studied so hard. Last year, I enrolled in PMI and studied PMBOK© nonstop for months, consistently scoring at least 60% on mock exams.

PMP is valuable and in high demand. In some industries, PMP certificate is a requirement to be a project manager. PMP certificate can also provide a significant advantage when it comes to salary and earning potential. Survey respondents to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey started that those with a PMP certification garner a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP certification.

You can easily find some excellent resources for exam simulators and comprehensive guides but finding review resources to review core-concepts for rapid-review during lunch hour or on transit isn't easy! This is why I created the PMP Exam Prep Handbook. To learn more about this handbook's features, click here

Things to Remember section

Things to Remember sections

Designed for a rapid review of core concepts. This section contains essential definitions and formulae that you'd need to know for the exam.

ITTO tables

Every PMP exam has around 20% questions that require knowledge of input, tools and techniques and outputs (ITTOs). Reviewing these tables periodically will help you get a few more questions right on the exam.

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Importannt Formulae section

Important Formulae section

Two pages that list all the necessary formulae that you need to know for the exam. Review these periodically for a good understanding and memorizing.

Exam taking tips section

Helpful tips for you to write PMP exam!

Exam taking tips


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